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The premise of this exhibition, presented by the Southeast Queens Artist Alliance (SEQAA), is the artist’s creative process from conceptualizing an idea to physically and laboriously realizing it into a work of art. Like alchemy, an artist's practice can be a perplexing endeavor to most people- a mysterious magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. In making the artist's process visible and accessible to the viewer within the space of the art gallery, the artists of SEQAA- all women of color, also make themselves visible and assert their position in the art ecosystem. Thus, this exhibition is also our way of transforming the art historical narrative, which has long dismissed or minimized the contributions of women of color. 


Participating SEQAA artists: Damali Abrams, Sherese Francis, Shenna Vaughn, Elizabeth Velazquez, Rejin Leys, Jacqueline Herranz Brooks, Marvenia Knight, Angela Miskis, Natali Bravo-Barbee, Janet Olivia Henry. Curator Shilpi Chandra

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