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Process → Project: What Comes Out of Our Sketchbooks

curated by Rejin Leys & Damali Abrams


Sketchbooks provide a behind the scenes look at the artistic process. In their sketches, artists experiment, test out ideas, record observations, practice skills, and plan future projects. 


This exhibition presents sketches, both loose and bound, by working artists with diverse practices: writing, painting, drawing, photography, collage, assemblage, sculpture, and paper-making. The shared act of sketching unites them.


Opening an artist's sketchbook can become a journey inside the artist's mind. Often representing intimate encounters with their thinking process, this invitation to experience such uninhibited experimentation is usually limited to those close to the artist, if at all. Public access to sketchbooks often become available only after the artist has died.


An exhibition of living artists’ sketchbooks provides perhaps more than a studio visit since multiple approaches to ideas are recorded that introduces the artist's practice and highlights the conscious work executed behind the scenes.


Participating Artists:

Damali Abrams

Laura Alvarez

Natali Bravo-Barbee

Ify Chiejina

Cecile Chong

Sherese Francis

iliana emilia garcia

Janet Henry

Jacqueline Herranz Brooks

Heather Holden

Marvenia Knight

Naomi Kuo

Rejin Leys

Carla Lobmier

Angela Miskis

Shervone Neckles

Selime Okuyan

Shenna Vaughn

Elizabeth Velazquez

Margaret Rose Vendryes

Lisa Wade

Photos by Zaid Islam

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